What is Safe Count Solutions?

Safe Count Solutions

In this time of  pandemic, it is really important to avoid mass gatherings. Almost all nations that are suffering from COVID have imposed restrictions on the number of people that are allowed inside any premises; be it an office, a supermarket, or even any event.

It is often hard to maintain the right count of the people inside any place at one point in time. This is why Ejaf Tech has come up with a wonderful solution that happens to be Safe Count.

Safe Count Solutions

What is Safe Count?

Safe Count is one of the advanced technological solutions that allow people to enjoy real-time occupancy monitoring. This tool comes packed with several features and some of them are as follows:

  • Different dashboards for customers and attendants so that both of them can understand the scenario with regards to occupancy
  • Data pertaining to live occupancy that comes replete with visual warnings
  • System to trigger an alert as soon as the limits are exceeded
  • Detailed historical report that can be analyzed to come to decisions and conclusions
  • Designed to suit buildings that come with several entrance points
  • Anonymous design so as not to intrude into personal space
  • No use of cameras or videos to ensure privacy

So, these are some of the top features that Safe Count has to offer. Ejaf Tech has done a commendable job with these solutions as it will allow you to make sure that you would know the number of people inside any place or building.

Safe Count solutions

Why is it important to limit people and gatherings?

Covid is the kind of pandemic which has brought destruction to the whole world. As this disease tends to spread from one person to other via contact, it is important to bring in social distancing.

By limiting the number of people that are present in a building, one can curtail the risk of spreading the virus in gargantuan proportion. The world is clueless as to when will this disease end and this is the reason, everyone needs to find ways by which we can adjust and adapt to the current situation and still function normally. With solutions like Safe Count, it is easier to keep track of the number of people inside and so one can be hopeful that the situation won’t be as disastrous as it could otherwise be.

Safe count Solutions

Safe count software is designed in such a way that one can easily install it and it doesn’t require any technical expertise. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and needs minimal support. So, for all departmental stores and buildings looking to contain restrictions, this might just be the tool that can work wonders.

Ejaf Technology seems to have done the right thing and there are tons of people who have made the most out of it. As long as this pandemic continues to stay in full swing, we will have to incorporate measures like these so as to bring in normalcy in work.