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Kaspersky arrangements are defined with the adaptability to adjust together with your commerce objected goals. They are continuously stand to secure your organization against threats and dangers to provide valuable security. Kaspersky Lab items for trade are outlined for businesses of all sizes from one point to endpoints in order to protect your data in an amazing way.

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365

Kaspersky Security for MicrosoftOffice365 employments, another Era innovations to secure mail from spam and unpredictable dangers.

kaspersky Security for Office 365
KasperSky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security

On a small scale of your office security, it gives the greatest security system. Created particularly to meet the desires of little businesses, it moreover conveys numerous sheets of assurance, one straightforward bundle.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Built in-house as a single, fully scalable platform, Kaspersky Endpoint Security pulses continuously at the heart of your IT infrastructure, delivering Next Generation endpoint protection against the most sophisticated known, unknown and advanced cyber threats. Layer upon layer of proactive, intelligent technologies intermeshes to provide powerful, resilient defenses with minimal impact on speed or resources, and no software conflicts or security gaps.

Kaspersky endpoint security
Kaspersky security Cloud

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

In every stage of your business, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud lets you oversee security for numerous endpoints at any place.

Kaspersky Endpoint Business Security

Directors can check, auto control, and make sure their IT environment with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Commerce. Devices and advances are interestingly adjusted over dynamic levels to meet your requirements and make it easier.

Endpoint Security for Business
Security Solution For Enterprise

Kaspersky Secure Resolutions

Kaspersky Lab(s) arrangements give forecast, avoidance, discovery, and reaction capabilities over an assortment of venture foundation portions and developing innovations; online and portable(s), virtual framework, information midpoints, mechanical frameworks, and more.

Kaspersky Safekeeping

Kaspersky Security for _Virtualization_ built for the special necessities of virtualized IT situation(s), conveys award-winning anti-malware assurance for the server(s), desktop(s), and information cores.

Virtualization Security
EndPoint Detection and response

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response

With endpoints still the main target for cybercriminals, sidestepping traditional endpoint security measures has become the norm. To respond appropriately and cost-effectively, enterprises need to adopt a proactive approach Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) proactively hunts out adversaries and halts threats before they can cause expensive damage, responding rapidly and effectively to incidents and data breaches. All without impacting productivity, and with no major investment.

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

Kaspersky Crossover Cloud Security has been designed to secure application(s) and information on your physical, virtual, and cloud workloads to provide the best and secure way.

Hybrid cloud
Anti-Targeted Platform

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform

The industry-proven arrangement secures commerce coherence, and the advance of computerized change by giving progressed danger administration and defense capabilities tending to all stages.

It highlights many-sided avoidance innovations, whereas joining with a broad portfolio of items and administrations to create a single all-encompassing framework committed to the location, comebacks, and expected estimations. The result could be a genuinely coordinates, key methodology to focused on assaults and to the danger discoveries.

Kaspersky Embedded System(s) Security

Windows Embedded frameworks are getting to be an increasingly dominant target for cybercriminals. These gadget(s) tend to function interior the corporate organize, to be geologically spread, & manage basic information, regularly working with credit cards. WindowsXP is still a standard for numerous such framework(s), as lower-end hardware.

Embedded System Security
Mail Server Security

Email System and Kaspersky Protection

Email is the primary tool used to infiltrate IT networks and companies among cyber attackers.

Kaspersky Protection for Mail servers utilizes sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and sandboxing techniques to track and defend the IT networks against malware, fraud, anomalies, data failure and even unexplained risks, like emails and suspicious activity

Security of Kaspersky DDoS

Kaspersky DDoS Protection ensures the reliability of its necessary digital facilities and capital by offering full indispensable DDoS attack prevention. Kaspersky DDoS Security gives you all you want to defend from – and prevent – all types of DDoS assault – from the constant monitoring of internet traffic to signaling you about potential threats, obtaining your diverted traffic, clearing it up and restoring your ‘safe’ traffic to you.

DDoS Protection
kaspersky Security for storage

Data safety using Kaspersky

Kaspersky Protection for Information offers reliable, high-performing, flexible protection for critical and essential database information and storage arrays.

Seamless incorporation by quick protocols like ICAP and RPC ensures reliable storage networks, ensuring reliable security and streamlined end-user experience.

AWS Hybrid Defence through Kaspersky

AWS is the leader in the cloud infrastructure industry. It provides the most highly developed and scalable cloud service on the sector, with a spectrum of cloud-based safeguards to construct enterprise-level systems.

AWS Hybrid Cloud Security
AWS Hybrid Cloud Security

Azure Protection using Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

For workflows in Microsoft Azure, we have created good multi-layered security. Achieve your mutual safety duty by integrating flexible integrated protection with high productivity with an entirely constructed way to secure your data from today’s and potential most sophisticated risks without reducing cloud results.

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