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Data Center Diagram

Data Center Networks

When it comes to data center networks, they are the most crucial part of the networking to a data center. These networks act as a connection between all the constituents of data resources. Datacenter networks must be logical, systematic, climbable, and sharp enough to manage the increasing demand for computing. High optimum power by enterprises can be acquired easily by increasing the use of data center networks. EJAF provides an enterprise network solution by designing and executing many systems, including data centers and local area networks, and the sites quickly recovered from any mishap.

Campus Area Network

It is a network used to create a link amid different buildings. It has many components, but mainly it consists of two [LAN] within the specific location. It used in many different places. For instance, at schools and college campuses, at industrial areas, at army and militarily campuses, at various organizational campuses and many more locations. EJAF is very beneficial as it provides enterprise network solutions and ways to design and execute huge campus area networks, which in return upgrades, secures the system. Also, it makes sure that this network has high availability.

Campus Area Network at Ejaf Tech
Wireless Network

Wi-Fi and Its Potency

Wi-Fi can be defined as the modern technique and an enterprise network solution that connects the massive number of devices at several locations. It is mainly used in homes, offices, and organizations. Moreover, Wireless connections lower the costs of expenditure and remove the difficulties one has to face when using the cables for connectivity. EJAF enables the configuration (To warm guide Surveys), sending a safe remote system for information and voice traffic that flawlessly coordinates with center system empowering portability to clients.

Network and Its Supervision

Network supervision means the scheme that is required to handle different computer networks. EJAF, by working with its partners, provides an enterprise network solution and an opportunity to oversee the functioning networks and control it from centralized configurations.

Network Management
Network Setup

Software Defined Networks

It is a modern technique extracted by administrators of a network, which helps manage all the network services through a reflection of more elevated level usefulness. EJAF is the system integrator that provides beneficial enterprise network solutions by allowing the complete execution of software-defined networks spanning the structure and its practice.

Unified Communication Solutions

It suggests extensive incorporation of the momentary venture of organizations communication, for instance, present information, chats, voices administrations that is Internet Protocol communication, firm’s potency highlights like augmentation portability, Web-Conferencing, audio and video conference administrations, assembly of fixed-mobile, Instant work area and information sharing, whiteboards and controlled call. Likewise, these communications are responsible for discourse acknowledgment alongside disconnected communication services, including incorporated phone messages, email, tele-copying, and message. We have ranges of abilities to coordinate various methods of communications into different system stages that help in empowering the clients to accomplish unified communications.

Unified Communication of Media

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